About RustyKnight Ltd.

We are crusaders who are continuously fighting against corrosion…

Condition survey

It is inevitable to know and further develop those material tests that are used for the assessment of technological equipment and assets.

Competency development

Supporting R&D activities to facilitate professionals training and to unveil solutions for industrial challenges. We also provide assistance in idea generation and its implementation.

Corrosion monitoring

To see continously the change in the condition of the assets and the equipment, well-functioning analytical and corrosion monitoring systems and expert analysis of the generated data are of utmost importance.

Corrosion mitigation technologies

The appropriately selected various mitigation technologies and their concerted applications are of greatest importance. Reviewing and designing such mitigation techniques are considered as our core activities.

Corrosion failure investigation

One of the most crucial tasks in the field of corrosion protection is to provide feedback to the designers and operators based on thorough corrosion failure analysis and systematic sorting their findings into corrosion database.



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